David Grilli is a Web Developer from Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela; currently living in London, United Kingdom, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, Universe, Multiverse. He is passionate about technology, user experience and web development; and he is always motivated to learn and improve every day.

He studied Computer Engineering at UCAB and UCAB Guayana, and coursed the CCNA career certification at Cisco Networking Academy. He was also the manager of Guayana GDG, a community for people interested in Google's developer technology.

When in High School, he showed a notable interest in Basic Sciences; and discovered his passion for programming during his first year at the University.

He enjoys hacking, watching movies, listening to rock & roll, running, swimming, throwing frisbee, playing videogames and hanging out with his family and friends.

He also enjoys playing guitar and the drums.

"I believe in technology bringing people together"
- David Grilli